RV-Discovery Research Vessel

The ship, named Research Vessel Discovery (RV-Discovery) is 35 metres long and weighs 300 tonnes was built in September 2008 by a local company. It can accommodate 12 ship crew and 11 trainees or passengers simultaneously equipped with the latest marine science equipment, cabin, dining room and comfortable lounge. In line with UMT's slogan of "Ocean of Discoveries", the initiative to have RV-Discovery is deemed historic since it can conduct marine science research and at the same time, places UMT as the leading institution in the country in its field.

The RV-Discovery vessel was specifically designed for oceanographic research and is equipped with the most sophisticated technology comparable to foreign research vessels, with the capability to sail over 4,000 nautical miles without refuelling and remaining at sea for two weeks.

The RV Discovery also includes a small boat unit for research in shallow waters.