Frequently asked questions

The UMT Centre of Research and Field Service (CRaFS) was established in January 2013.

CRaFS's mission & objectives are;

  • Driving UMT's research agenda with the provision of high-capacity laboratories, the latest facilities and the best instrumentation.
  • Supporting sustainable research by providing facilities based on thrust areas at UMT’s external research stations.
  • Strengthening the research agenda with the provision of dynamic support facilities.
  • Among the services & facilities provided are;

  • Laboratory Management Division (sample analysis & sample preparation)
  • Marine Fleet Management Division (boat & ship rental services)
  • Diving & Field Management Division (facility rental at UMT natural research stations)
  • The Centre of Research and Field Service (CRaFS) consists of 3 main components;

  • Laboratory Management Division
  • Marine Fleet Management Division
  • Diving & Field Management Division
  • Among the research & study laboratories available at CRaFS are;

  • Biotechnology Research Laboratory – General Analysis Laboratory, Animal Cell Laboratory, Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, Genomics Laboratory, Transcriptomics Laboratory, Proteomics Laboratory, Synthesis Laboratory, Analysis Laboratory, Extract Laboratory, Fungus Laboratory, Histology Laboratory, Bacteriology Laboratory & Virology Laboratory
  • Environmental and Materials Research Laboratory – Physical Environmental Laboratory, Organic Geochemistry Laboratory, Trace Organic Environmental Laboratory, Inorganic Environmental Laboratory & Postdoctoral Laboratory
  • Focused Research Laboratory (SIG) – Marine Biodiversity, Apis & Meliponine & Invertebrates-BENTHOS
  • Analytical Laboratory / Instrumentation Room – Spectroscopy, Chromatography, Microinjector / Imaging, Thermal & Materials Science
  • Satellite Laboratory – Scanning Electron Microscope SEM (CRaFS), Scanning Electron Microscope SEM (INOS) & Nuclear Magnetic Resonance NMR (IMB)
  • Teaching Laboratory – General Chemistry Laboratory, Materials Science Laboratory, Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory, Environmental Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, Electrical & Electronic Physics Laboratory
  • The following are the facilities provided by the Diving and Field Operations Management Division;

  • Marine Natural Research Station, Bidong Island
  • Tanah Bencah Natural Research Station, Setiu
  • Chagar Hutang Turtle Natural Research Station, Pulau Redang
  • Kenyir Natural Research Station
  • The following are the facilities provided by the Marine Fleet Division;

  • Vessel – RV Discovery
  • Boat – Discovery I, Discovery II, Discovery III, Discovery IV, Discovery V, Discovery VI, Discovery VII, Discovery VIII, Discovery IX
  • Mobile Laboratory – Discovery Kenyir
  • Eligible applicants who are UMT internal users are as follows;

  • Postgraduate students
  • Lecturers
  • Researchers & research assistants (RA)
  • Government agency users and private agency users
  • UMT students (based on terms and conditions)
  • Applicants are required to fill out the forms as follows;

  • Control of Hazardous Substances to Health and Risk Assessment (COSHH) Form (UMT/PPPL/PM/207)
  • Laboratory Placement Application Form (UMT/PPPL/PM/204), which can be obtained at the UMT’s Centre of Research and Field Service (CRaFS) counter or website
    ***The completed form must be submitted to the Science Officer for approval.
  • For any inquiries, kindly refer to CRaFS Management at the following address;

    Centre of Research and Field Service (CRaFS)
    University Malaysia Terengganu,
    21030 Kuala Nerus,
    Terengganu, MALAYSIA
    Tel: 09-6683957
    Fax: 09-6683361

    For any future inquiries, please get in touch with us at

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